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Pollgig Inc. A NYC based small business, needed a compelling brand design along with UX/UI assets that were cutting edge and would allow them to stand out in the market. We nurtured every aspect of the relationship, to the point that we won the contract to develop their website and mobile app. 

Innovation is in our DNA.

The business of technology is our passion and being the digital agency for small businesses is our goal. Truly, this is what we breath, it’s our hobby and it’s our way of life. Staying on top of the latest branding development, design trends and cutting edge, transformative technologies and how these apply to our current and future clients is what motivate us every day. 


Ghostcreator, the all in one agency for small business, can help any small business create a professional and effective online presence, as well as help them build their customer base. We offer comprehensive digital marketing services, such as SEO, content creation, website optimization, graphic design and social media management.


We are daring, and our nimbleness allows us to take risks that no other firm can afford to take. A lot of those have paid big dividends and we couldn’t be more proud of our accomplishments. The future surely looks bright for us and our clients. 

Digital Agency For Small Businesses Shouldn't Break The Proverbial Bank - We Get It

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